Never Stop Riding- Digital bus stop

Role: Art Director, Concepting & Research.

The mission: Falsterbo Horseshow is one of the best ranked horseshows in the world. They wanted to get a new targetgroup. More then just horselovers. 

Idea: We created NEVER STOP RIDING. This is an Interactive bus display to raise brand awareness for the horse show. To make the brand live not only during the week when it takes place during the summer but through the whole year.  


Interactive Bus stop Window

1. You are standing at the bus stop and you suddenly realize that the horse on the poster is following your movements.

2. You get curious and walk closer. You realize that it´s a game. You push START.

3. The horse starts to run,  the description tells you how to play the game. You have to jump in real time to  get the horse jump over the hurdles. 

4. You jump higher and higher in order to overcome the hurdles. You laught and enjoing it.

5. After a while dont manage to jump higher. Game over. And a sign says, Never stop Riding. Well done rider! You did a great job. Dont forget to book your ticket to Falsterbo Horsehow this spring!