Role: Interactive Art Director & Research.

The mission

SOS Children Villages wanted to create a long lasting relation with the urban young people in Sweden. 


We hit the streets to discover the opinions the targetgroup had on charitable giving and to identify the friction points in their lives. Although there was a wide range of thoughts and problems, we noticed a common connection to the concept of ‘home’, a widely shared frustration with the metro system and a need for a simplier way of giving donations. 



Next stop home, the first digital subway card provided in a collaboration between SOS children villages and SL. A solution that enables you to have your subway card in your mobile. It can be customized by own taste and also have features as a timeshedule for the trains. It also gives you the oppertunity to add an donations to your monthly card recharge.


SOS Children Villages get a day to day connection with the targetgroup. Furthermore they get a personal and easy way of giving donation monthly.

My team: Diana Zuleta, Tage Haun, Rodolfo Veludo, Christin Malén Andreassen & Enio Sarriasjavier