The bear is asleep

Role: Interactive Art Director


Preem is one of the largest gas station companys in Sweden. At the same time they have a big problem with being an impersonal brand and very few people knows what they stands for.


Every year thousands of familys are going to ski resorts by car. Preem wanted to create some kind of interaction between  Preem and these families on the way to the destination. 

Unique selling point

Preems advantages is, that it´s totally based in Sweden, they focus on healthy food,  they are more eco friendly than the other gas stations and their logo of a orange bear is very well known.


We created a game based on a traditional Swedish family game called "The Bear is asleep". The rule is to keep the Bear asleep. If he wakes up, he will hunt you!

In our game we based our Hero on the Preem Logo and made a game where children can play different tracks with different bears chasing them.

During the tracks you collect items such as bananas, apples, nuts and juice. When you have collected a certain amount of these you get them for free at the Preem Station.


Families with children get a bond with Preem and their logo. Preem get the message across being the healthy choice for families. The gas station also strenghten their position at the Swedish market by relating to Swedish traditions.

User Testing

Building of the wheel